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Everyone is a consumer at some point

If you ever purchased a car, a home or any product, or been harassed by a debt collector, had your identity stolen or your credit card information compromised, been turned down for a job or housing due to errors on your credit report or otherwise had problems with incorrect information on your credit report, then you are almost certain to have encountered a consumer dispute that you needed or will need outside help to resolve.  Craig Rothburd has been representing consumers for over 23 years through the civil court system in both federal and state court as well as alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration.  He has the knowledge and experience to help you in cases related to:

In Florida, consumer laws are made to guard the residents against scams. In addition, these consumer laws also provide rights against large corporations and the government. Florida consumer statutes are made to establish certain rights of consumers. These laws are also designed to protect the people from being harmed financially when engaged in consumer transactions.

The primary purpose for consumer laws is to ensure customers are made aware of what they purchase or lease and to make sure that what they do purchase or lease is what it is supposed to be and safe. These laws make sure food products have an ingredients list, and manufacturers do not have misleading advertisements. Consumer laws also protect people from shady business practices to protect people and ensure fairness when selling or buying products every step of the way. Consumer laws also protect people’s credit, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires both credit bureaus and credit furnishers (like your bank, credit card company, landlord, etc.) report your credit accurately.

Aspects of consumer law that can make a case

Some aspects of consumer law that can cause a case to require litigation are typically cases that threaten a consumer’s financial security. For example, some forms of consumer violations leading to litigation can be, unfair debt collection, housing discrimination, predatory lending practices, credit reporting and unfair and deceptive acts or practices. Due to door-to-door solicitations and sales, telemarketing and the internet, these types of consumer breaches are common

Why do you need the assistance of a lawyer?

If you have been the victim of a scam, been the subject of a consumer law violations, you need the assistance of a legal professional. A lawyer specializing in consumer law will make sure you and your interests are protected your rights are vindicated. Particularly when filing complaints of consumer injury against one or more business organizations..

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If you have been a victim of a scam or violation of consumer law, you need a lawyer you can trust. Call Craig E. Rothburd, PA at 813-251-8800. Craig is a seasoned and experienced consumer law attorney that cares and will fight for your rights.

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