Extremely skilled subject matter expert and negotiator!

“Mr. Rothburd is highly knowledgeable in his field. I would consider him to be not only a subject matter expert but he’s also well respected in his field. This is important because he had a relationship with the other party’s attorney. This allowed them to unemotionally negotiate my case and come to an equitable agreement that worked for all parties. He’s extremely direct and factual about the circumstances. He doesn’t create unrealistic expectations and works to get the best results for the clients, and not his own personal gain. I’d not only recommend him but I’d use him again if ever in the same situation, which of course I hope never happens again in my lifetime. I’m also very knowledgeable about contracts and labor law and a tough judge of character and performance. I’ve had to use several attorney’s for various occasions throughout my career as a CEO just in my daily general business practices and Craig falls into the top 1% of the attorney’s I’ve known and or worked with. He and his assistant, Maria are very responsive and have great follow up. They got it done in the time frame they committed to and continued to follow up through out the entire case which was just finalized on the exact date Craig requested it to be by the way. Great job by both he and Maria!”

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