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Corporate Law and Litigation

The term “corporate law” is also referenced as company, enterprise and business law. It is the framework of law that governs the conduct, relations and rights of businesses, companies, organizations and people within each. We use the term corporate law to attribute legal practices in relation to business enterprise.

Corporate law in Florida

According to Florida law, a business enterprise is treated the same as if it were an individual person. Therefore, the entire business entity and its shareholders or members have limited liability. If the business is brought into litigation, the entire enterprise is included in the court’s decision.

Aspects of the law that could make a case

When speaking about corporate law and litigation, it involves a complete set of issues regarding contract, tort and statutory concerns. During the lifetime of a company, any legal dilemma could become a commercial or corporate litigation case.

Why is a corporate lawyer needed?

A corporate lawyer is able to advise your business on practical legal solutions using applicable law and the economic consequences of the same. The lawyer you hire will need to understand not only the statutory framework your business operates within, but also have a firm handle on the realities, benefits and costs of litigation. In addition, hiring a corporate lawyer can aid in the way you plan and structure your organization to succeed.

Contact the right corporate legal counsel

If you have a business in Florida and are in need of a corporate lawyer with over a quarter century of experience, contact Craig E. Rothburd at 813-251-8800. His law firm has been representing corporate clients since 1995. Schedule a consultation appointment today and see how we can ensure a bright future for your business.

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